Vice President/Owner

I have been in the firearms business since 1995 and have been shooting since 1973.  I think it’s fair to say that what I do for a living has been a life-long passion for me.  In addition to this, I am a retired military veteran as well.  I joined the US Air Force in 1987 and retired from the Florida Army National Guard in 2008.  21 years in the military and 25 years and counting in the firearms business which has been absolutely great!  So when you ask me how I’m doing and I say “Livin the dream!” – I’m really not kidding!


General Manager

I am an USCCA & NRA certified instructor, avid shooter and experienced firearms safety educator.  I am also the lead instructor for Pickett Weaponry and Harry Beckwith Guns & Range.  I have been shooting and part of Pickett Weaponry since 1997.  The best thing about our store is that we all love what we do for a living and are passionate in our desire to provide you the best firearm for your needs.



Joey Wallace is a hard-working, dedicated, individual who is there to answer any of your questions related to firearms, safety, and safes. For the past decade Joey has been working in the firearms industry learning about new products, how to better educate the public, and making sure every customer is comfortable. He’s definitely worth visiting!

Growing up in Newberry and around firearms his whole life gives him the experience and knowledge to continue the family legacy.


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