Hello Folks! I have been doing business with the good people at Pickett for almost 20 years now. I bought my first single shot 12 gauge from Carl in 1996. Adrian sold me my first handgun the day after I turned 21 years old – a Ruger Blackhawk in 357 mag. Little dis I know shooting a Blackhawk was different than other handguns. After a month of not being consistent with my shots I took the gun back and told Carl I wanted to trade it in as the gun would not shoot…… Carl asked me to show him how I was holding the gun and I went through my routine. Carl told me to meet him back at Picketts that afternoon at closing time. Well- I did. We drove out to his home and he taught me how to let a Ruger Blackhawk how to ” roll ” in my hand and wrist when I shot the gun…… Before I left Carls home I could keep my shots consistently grouped at 25 yards. That was in or around the year 1996. To this day if I have an issue with any firearm I own no matter if I buy it at Picketts or not the awesome staff from Travis, Nick, Jake, Kirk, Trey, and all the wonderful young ladies at Picketts will bend over backwards to help me with my problems! This is what customer service should be throughout all small businesses in the US!